Body Mass Index Calculator (MBI)

Being overweight can cause elevation of the concentration of total cholesterol and blood pressure, and increase the risk of suffering arterial disease coronary. Obesity increases the chances of other risk factors occurring cardiovascular special, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

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Other factors that they play a role in the decision of the type of surgery to perform:

If I suffer diabetes and take medication regularly.

If I have tension I am discharged and take medication regularly.

If I suffer high cholesterol or triglycerides (or both) and I take medication regularly.

If I have family direct (parents or siblings) with significant obesity (more than 20 kg of what is due).

Body composition Body Mass Index (BMI)
Less than normal weight Less than 18.5
Normal Weight 18.5-24.9
More than normal weight 25.0-29.9
Obesity I (moderate) 30.0-34.9
Obesity II (moderate risk) 35.0-39.9
Obesity III (morbid) 40.0-50.0
Obesity IV (extreme) More than 50

How do obesity surgeries help me?


57% improvement


55% improvement

High Colesterol

63% improvement

Gastric bypass

Gastric Sleeve


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